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pyfuse::objectfs::ObjectFs Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A simple read-only file system based on Python objects.

Interface of Directory objects:
  * join(name)   returns a file or subdirectory object
  * listdir()    returns a list of names, or a list of (name, object)

join() is optional if listdir() returns a list of (name, object).
Alternatively, Directory objects can be plain dictionaries {name: object}.

Interface of File objects:
  * size()       returns the size
  * read()       returns the data

Alternatively, File objects can be plain strings.

Interface of SymLink objects:
  * readlink()   returns the symlink's target, as a string

Definition at line 7 of file objectfs.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def getattr
def getentries
def getnode
def getxattrs
def listdir
def lookup
def newattr
def open
def readlink
def reply

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

float INFINITE = 86400.0

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