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fuse::Direntry Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Auxiliary class for carrying directory entry data.
Initialized with `name`. Further attributes (each
set to 0 as default):

    An integer (or long) parameter, used as a bookmark
    during directory traversal.
    This needs to be set it you want stateful directory

   Directory entry type, should be one of the stat type
   specifiers (stat.S_IFLNK, stat.S_IFBLK, stat.S_IFDIR,
   stat.S_IFCHR, stat.S_IFREG, stat.S_IFIFO, stat.S_IFSOCK).

   Directory entry inode number.

Note that Python's standard directory reading interface is
stateless and provides only names, so the above optional
attributes doesn't make sense in that context.

Definition at line 423 of file fuse.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__

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