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allmydata::interfaces::IUploadResults Class Reference

Inherits zope::interface::Interface.

Detailed Description

I am returned by upload() methods. I contain a number of public
attributes which can be read to determine the results of the upload. Some
of these are functional, some are timing information. All of these may be

 .file_size : the size of the file, in bytes
 .uri : the CHK read-cap for the file
 .ciphertext_fetched : how many bytes were fetched by the helper
 .sharemap: dict mapping share identifier to set of serverids
               (binary strings). This indicates which servers were given
               which shares. For immutable files, the shareid is an
               integer (the share number, from 0 to N-1). For mutable
               files, it is a string of the form 'seq%d-%s-sh%d',
               containing the sequence number, the roothash, and the
               share number.
 .servermap : dict mapping server peerid to a set of share numbers
 .timings : dict of timing information, mapping name to seconds (float)
   total : total upload time, start to finish
   storage_index : time to compute the storage index
   peer_selection : time to decide which peers will be used
   contacting_helper : initial helper query to upload/no-upload decision
   existence_check : helper pre-upload existence check
   helper_total : initial helper query to helper finished pushing
   cumulative_fetch : helper waiting for ciphertext requests
   total_fetch : helper start to last ciphertext response
   cumulative_encoding : just time spent in zfec
   cumulative_sending : just time spent waiting for storage servers
   hashes_and_close : last segment push to shareholder close
   total_encode_and_push : first encode to shareholder close

Definition at line 1561 of file interfaces.py.

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