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allmydata::gui::macapp::MacGuiClient Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This is a subclass of the tahoe 'client' node, which hooks into the
client's 'notice something went wrong' mechanism, to display the fact
in a manner sensible for a wx gui app

Definition at line 47 of file macapp.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def add_service
def connected_to_introducer
def create_empty_dirnode
def create_mutable_file
def create_node_from_uri
def create_tub
def debug_wait_for_client_connections
def get_app_versions
def get_cancel_secret
def get_config
def get_config_from_file
def get_encoding_parameters
def get_history
def get_or_create_private_config
def get_renewal_secret
def get_stats
def get_storage_broker
def init_client
def init_client_storage_broker
def init_control
def init_ftp_server
def init_helper
def init_introducer_client
def init_key_gen
def init_lease_secret
def init_sftp_server
def init_stats_provider
def init_storage
def init_stub_client
def init_tempdir
def init_web
def list_all_download_statuses
def list_all_helper_statuses
def list_all_mapupdate_statuses
def list_all_publish_statuses
def list_all_retrieve_statuses
def list_all_upload_statuses
def log
def read_config
def read_old_config_files
def set_config
def setup_logging
def setup_ssh
def shutdown
def startService
def stopService
def upload
def when_tub_ready
def write_config
def write_private_config
def wx_abort

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string CERTFILE = "node.pem"
string NODETYPE = "client"
string PORTNUMFILE = "client.port"
string STOREDIR = 'storage'
string SUICIDE_PREVENTION_HOTLINE_FILE = "suicide_prevention_hotline"

Private Member Functions

def _service_startup_failed

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